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Drippin' Sauce

   Purveyors of Ketchup with a Flair for Flavor


Now Available...Smoked Garlic
The Most Unique Ketchup in the World.


Sweet Onion and Special Reserve are now available at
Whole Foods
The Domain, Gateway and Arbor Trails AND
Flagship at 5th and Lamar in Downtown Austin!


Drippin’ Sauce Ketchup
is the best ketchup with a
flair for flavor
that money can buy.


For, you, your friends and relatives...


We can ship for you.   Tell us as early as you can what you want, who you want it shipped to, and when you want it to arrive.  We can take orders now for up to a year in advance and will charge your credit card at the time of shipping....just call us.


Looking to send a gift? Try our Sampler Gift Package


Send something local to your friends around the country.


Tested and proven recipes are available...all of which we have developed and tested on ourselves, friends and neighbors.  You, too, will want to try these delicious treats.  Let us post your ideas for our ketchup.


Event Schedule:  

  • Christmas on Mercer Street just was a great event this year.  As was...
  • The Dripping Springs Women's Club bazaar at the Terrace Club in November.
  • Look for us at the Williams-Sonoma Artisan Market periodically and at various stores 
  • Dripping Springs Farmers Market is on Wednesdays from 3-7pm at the "Triangle" 
  • We'll be at the Dripping With Taste Food and Wine Festival, Founders Day and other local events. 
  • If you know some other events we need to be participating in let us know.

We'll have samples for everyone to taste our uniquely wonderful ketchups and gift boxes to take to consider for upcoming birthdays and Labor Day, etc.  



Now for a word from our sponsor:  Ketchup (or Catsup, if you prefer) has been around for a long time, well beyond the standard ketchup you are used to buying at the local grocery chain stores.  You know, the stuff that has food coloring, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, etc.

We use all natural ingredients:

  • ·       No high fructose corn syrup
  • ·       No food coloring
  • ·       No preservatives

We use only real tomatoes, real onions, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, canola oil, and our special blend of carefully chosen herbs, spices and natural flavors.

We make ketchup differently.  We make our ketchup out of natural ingredients in small batches with the utmost care.  

Try our ketchup with your fries, meatloaf, onion rings, burgers and hot dogs for a unique taste only available from Drippin' Sauce.  

Try any one of our flavors, made in Dripping Springs, Texas, the next time you want something to taste really good!