Drippin’ Sauce Chicken Leg Quarters

Drippin’ Sauce Chicken Leg Quarters


1 bottle       Drippin’ Sauce Ketchup of your favorite flavor

1 pack         Chicken Leg Quarters



  • Pre-heat your grill set up for “indirect” cooking method.
  • Once the grill warms, place the chicken quarters, bone-side down on the grill (not over the heat source directly) cook for 15-20mins until the skin just starts to turn golden.
  • Remove chicken from the grill and lower (if needed) the temperature to approximately 350°…
  • Wrap it in foil with about a ½ cup of ketchup per chicken quarter or a 12oz bottle for 4-5 quarters.
  • Seal foil tightly and return it to the grill. Use the upper shelf if your grill has one.
  • Allow to cook for at least 45 mins but longer is fine (let your guests have the extra margaritas)
  • Remove the chicken from the foil and serve.

You will find the meat falls off the bone and is more flavorful than you might expect